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Episode 10 - Discussions from the front line with Peter Fam

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Welcome to another episode of Discussions from the Frontline with Human Rights Lawyer, Peter Fam.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What are Human Rights
  • What legal instruments Australia has to protect our Human Rights 
  • Lawfulness of the Public Health Orders
  • The legal interpretations of Informed Consent
  • Risk/benefit analysis 
  • The legality of the Safe and Effective claims
  • The legality of the AHPRA March 9 position statement
  • The responsibilities of Politicians and Public Servants


Peter Fam is a Principal lawyer at Maat’s Method. Peter’s goal is to defend universal law; the inherent dignity and rights every man and woman hold by virtue of their humanity. Until 2019, Peter worked in private practice before being employed as a “Human Rights Specialist” lawyer at LegalAID NSW. It soon became clear that those places weren’t aligned with Peter’s values, nor would they accept his unwillingness to consent to an infringement of his bodily integrity. 

Peter founded Maat’s Method so that he could work on the frontline throughout 2020 and 2021 on various court cases related to the censorship of medical and other professionals, the right not to consent to unwanted medical procedures, privacy and whistle-blower law, and other human rights areas; particularly those enshrined in international law. He remains one of the few lawyers in Australia working in these areas.