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The Australian Medical Professionals' Society (AMPS) is an industrial association of employees whose principal purpose is to protect and promote the interests of members in matters concerning their employment. We are a non-party political alternative to the AMA and ASMOF. Our mission is to fight for doctors' rights at work and beyond without the politics, or exorbitant fees.


What we believe


The Australian Medical Professionals' Society is a group of doctors wanting an alternate voice to the AMA. They wanted to join the strength of almost 9,000 under the Red Union banner with the likes of the Nurses' Professional Association and Queensland (NPAQ), Teachers' Professional Association of Queensland (TPAQ) and the Professional Drivers' Association of Australia (PDAA). 

The AMPS supports:

  • The primacy of the doctor/patient relationship with Government bureaucrats being removed from the surgery room.
  • Make it easier for doctors to speak out publicly. Doctors are gagged by AHPRA. 
  • Removal of AHPRA from monitoring doctors on social media and voicing their medical opinions.
  • Resisting Government Coercion.
  • The ability to speak out about refugee health without fear of de-registration.
  • Resisting Government mandates.
  • Resisting Government agencies running roughshod over doctors in what they can prescribe and recommend.

The AMPS remains fully committed to defending your right to treat patients as you see fit and respect the enormous amount of medical training undergone to achieve this right. AHPRA and Government must be drastically limited in this space.

AMPS was formed using the same team of industrial experts and lawyers that service the hugely successful NPAQ.

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