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Discussions from the front line:  Episode 2

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Dr Robert Brennan has a Bachelor of Science (Hons) and a medical degree.  He has taught anatomy and several other biomedical sciences for about a decade, before attending medical school and developing a career in psychiatry.
Recognising that the government response to the pandemic was anti-science, he joined the Covid Medical Network and AMPS (Red Union group).

Dr Brennan has been outspoken in claiming that lockdowns are more harmful than helpful, and campaigned against mandating the COVID vaccine.  As a consequence of this stance, AHPRA has suspended his registration to practice medicine.

Dr Brennan now hosts a weekly program on TNT radio live and speaks to Kara in the video below about his story.

AMPS understands the cost of questioning government policy and politically correct orthodoxy. Questioning “the science” is tragically now often a career-ending decision, a silencing tactic that works by threatening your livelihood and ability to provide for your family.

We believe highly educated health professionals should be allowed to participate in debates on scientific evidence, treatment protocols and in the public square of ideas without government threats of disciplinary action.

Help AMPS to fight against regulated GAG Orders placed on medical professionals.  Learn more and sign our petition here.