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Episode 9: Discussions from the Frontline

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Welcome to another "Discussions from the Frontline" with Dr Phillip Altman 

The truth about “Safe and Effective”

In this episode Dr Phillip Altman provides some extraordinary insight into the “Safe and Effective” claims made by our Health Bureaucrats, Politicians and Regulatory agencies.

Have we been misled or worse deceived by those entrusted to protect us? 

Listen to Dr Altman's expert opinion and decide for yourself.




Dr Altman has a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons), a Bachelor and Masters of Science and a Doctor of Philosophy.  He works as a clinical trial and regulatory affairs pharmaceutical industry consultant with more than 40 years experience in designing, managing and reporting clinical trials.  Dr Altman has dealt extensively with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration throughout his career. 

Dr Altman has worked for, and consulted to, most of the international pharmaceuticals represented in Australia.   He was fundamental in the establishment of the Australian Regulatory and Clinical Scientists Association (ARCS), which is a peak educational forum for more than 2000 clinical and regulatory scientists working within the Australian pharmaceutical industry.  He has Life Membership of this Association. 

Discussions from the frontline is where we are discussing AHPRA overreach regulatory failure and the consequent impacts on Health Professionals, the search for evidence based best practice and overall public health outcomes