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AMPS fights against

AHPRA regulated gag orders



Did you know Government Regulators are Censoring the Medical Frontline?


Government gag orders imposed by AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency) and National Boards mean Australian Health Professionals cannot debate evidence-based Science if it goes against the State-imposed narrative without the threat of investigation and disciplinary action.

Even private Facebook posts or commentary are worthy of investigation and possible disciplinary action.

We believe If the Government's Science cannot stand up to questioning it is not science.

Red Union is the only Union in the country fighting for our front-line workers' right to speak. We have defended many members from the overreach of AHPRA and believe Government needs to remove the gag order and let Health Professionals speak up for their patients and community.

We are fighting for transparency and our Medical frontline member's right to speak without fear of AHPRA reprisal!





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It's time to let the frontline speak!


If you want Science to STOP being corrupted by Bureaucracy and to know what is happening on the frontline please sign our petition 


AMPS Letter to AHPRA 

"Public Health Messaging is not the same as Health Care"  We respectfully demand AHPRA remove the gag orders issued on the 9th of March 2021. These orders threaten regulatory action against Medical and Health Professionals for fulfilling their obligations to provide tailored patient care, evidence-based scientific approaches and informed consent. Read More.



Show your support for our frontline workers by sending the following letters to AHPRA and your local MP:


Send this letter to AHPRA CEO, Martin Fletcher to show your support for medical professionals.

Email: martin.fletcher@ahpra.gov.au

Send this letter to your local MP to show your support for medical professionals.



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