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The dying of Down Under

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Julian Gillespie and Kara Thomas 

A lot of Australians are dying.

Many politely say: We need to know why....but really now, how long must polite company continue this faux naivety?

The Australian Medical Professionals Society (AMPS), is the only body in Australia
that undertook the task to investigate why Australian Excess Deaths continue to
equate to about two jumbo jet crashes each week, and every week, since early 2021.
That is two jumbo jets of dead Australians a week.

Why did AMPS step up thus?

Because the Australian Senate voted down a motion last year to hold hearings into
why Australia has been experiencing this surge in Excess Deaths. Again this week,
Labor and the Greens voted against investigating why Australia is experiencing
continued excess mortality that began early 2021. Our elected officials turned their
backs on us.

You see, the two major federal political parties were instrumental in motivating
state governments to lock down Australians, confining essentially millions of people
to their homes, with the only hope of release back into the general community
being dependent on receiving a Covid vaccine, all to be recorded, of course, on
vaccine passports. Millions of others had no choice – no jab meant no job. With
 bills to pay, mortgages to service, and kids to feed, many surrendered to this State-
sponsored coercion.

With no equivalent Bill of Rights to protect the Australian people, and the almost
complete abolition of human rights, many among the millions desperate to regain
their fundamental freedoms succumbed to this disgusting and brutal
authoritarianism. Australia’s political overlords had successfully revived our early
penal colony history, where throughout 2020, 2021, and 2022, we became ruled by
physical force and rubber bullets.

And it worked – by the end of 2021, somewhere between 85-95 per cent of
Australians had fallen victim to the many tactics employed by our federal and state
governments, to receive the ‘safe and effective’ gene-based injections.
Now, a lot of Australians are dying. People are asking, why?

To be clear, in 2020 Australia experienced below average All-Cause Mortality,
despite apparently the presence of a highly infectious and deadly virus said to be
circulating amongst us. In fact, deaths due to respiratory disease were 16.2 per cent
lower, while influenza and pneumonia deaths were 36 per cent lower. Does that
read like a pandemic to you? Covid deaths didn’t even break into our top 10 leading
causes of death, and were at 832, far below the more than 3,000 suicides. So low
were Covid deaths that Australia did not appear to have data to support the urgent
cries from politicians, here and globally, to the effect that we all were facing
imminent death from SARS-CoV-2. In truth, we faced and experienced a political

It is our opinion that this is why the Australian Senate continues to look the other way, now that it finds itself confronted by the fallout from a theatre of the absurd, the violent, and the dishonest.

In October 2023, AMPS released the investigative findings of over 30 science and
medical authors into Australia’s Excess Deaths. In brief, we suspect that Australia
may be suffering from an iatrogenic disaster potentially caused by the uptake of
Covid vaccines.

The book is simply titled out of respect for the dead – Too Many Dead: An Inquiry
into Australia’s Excess Mortality.

Some of the generous co-authors include Associate Professor Peter Doshi, Edward
Dowd, Phillip Altman PhD, Andrew Madry PhD, Geoff Pain PhD, Wilson Sy PhD,
Dr Monique O’Connor, Conni Turni PhD and Astrid Lefringhausen PhD, Jessica
Rose PhD, Dr Tess Lawrie, Professor Norman Fenton, Dr Clare Pain, and Dr Aseem
Malhotra, together with another 21 science and medical doctors of great

To say no stone was left unturned by such an esteemed ensemble of scientific and
medical expertise would be an understatement. As the book notes:

‘This book has been assembled by an aggregation of highly-qualified and
experienced doctors and researchers who take their ethics seriously. Here,
information has not been withheld, or, worse, blocked.'

AMPS did also fairly invite Australian medical regulators to contribute their
analysis and synthesis of the Australian data, where it was hoped they would call
upon the over 3,500 international case studies casting extreme doubt over the
integrity of the Covid vaccines. Instead of a comprehensive contribution, there was
silence; no response was provided. In correspondence to a previous letter, former
head of the Department of Health, Mr Brendan Murphy, sent a rather brief letter,
which read in part:

‘Regarding excess mortality statistics, there is no credible evidence to suggest that excess mortality is related to Covid vaccination either in Australia or

‘No credible evidence’?

In pondering these words from Australia’s (former) chief health bureaucrat, Too
Many Dead observes:
For three years Australia succumbed to the will of corporate ideologues in big
pharma, big media, big finance, and big government who seem to prioritise profit
over people. This enslavement, and it is nothing less, may help to explain these
high excess death rates being witnessed now at more than 15 per cent above
baseline mortality. Put another way, AMPS and all ethical and informed doctors
are horrified at the ten or twenty or thirty thousand excess deaths in this country
in the time since March, 2021. Australian and other Western data show a mass
casualty event; peculiarly, the higher figures are occurring in the countries that
are highly injected, but our political and medical authorities seem to think there
is nothing worth scrutiny. Now, with this book, it has been probed. This
investigation has had to cut straight across the lockstep media messaging, the
medical misinformation and the censorship.

Too Many Dead shall be seen through the years as a book of the age of Covid, a
historic document gathering together meticulous facts that cause governments
everywhere fear for what they have wrought and brought upon their people, death,
and the pestilence of a thousand forms of injury brought and wrought by their ‘safe
and effective’ solution to a non-pandemic.

I commend the authors of Too Many Dead for bravely stepping into the pages of
history bearing the torch of Truth.

And to you good readers on far away shores I commend Too Many Dead as a
systematic and disciplined account, and blueprint, for beginning the same journey
into your Truth, for what has befallen every nation that opted to secure benefits for
big pharma first, before the peace and health of their people ... their mothers and
fathers, daughters and sons, and our innocent infants.

Kara Thomas BNurs GCertNurs MIntl&ComnDev is the Secretary of
the Australian Medical Professionals Society and a Director of Children’s Health
Defense Australia.

Julian Gillespie LLB BJuris is a Lawyer and former Barrister and a Director of
Children’s Health Defense Australia.

Originally published in the Spectator on 10 February 2024