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Australian Doctors Are Still Being Persecuted in March 2023 for Questioning Provisional Approved Drugs

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AMPS executive member Dr Jeyanthi Kunadhasan is one of many doctors being persecuted for “wrongthink” by the government-bureaucracy AHPRA. She’s speaking out, on behalf of her colleagues. 


Government bureaucracies like the private company: the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) are, as journalist Matt Taibi has described similar organisations: “a bureaucracy willing to sacrifice factual truth in service of broader narrative objectives. An insult to the principles of free speech.”

AHPRA’s notification contained dozens of pages of material, none of which appeared contrary to the Code, National Law, or other obligations. 

AHPRA didn’t explain which of Dr Kunadhasan’s statements may have breached which law - having an obvious confusing and chilling effect on Dr Kunadhasan. We explained as much in response and suggested a cease and desist in the absence of a clear legal reason for continued harassment.


Dr Kunadhasan is an extremely ethically minded doctor with a passion for using her medical knowledge to help people and patients according to her oath and Code. She’s a firm believer in evidence-based individualised care; there is no one-size-fits-all approach to everyone's health. Even if there were; AHPRA’s diktats would be the last place to find it. 

Ever since speaking openly about her story and reporting on her research she has been hounded by frivolous anonymous complaints and notifications. AHPRA, instead of realising as to whether the complaint is either conflicted or has no substance, has instead repeatedly sent Dr Kunadhasan “please explain” notifications and threatened regulatory action. 


Unfortunately, Dr Kunadhasan's reasoned, evidence-based, and responsible discussion in public life have made her a target by AHPRA, for telling her story and asking questions in the public interest in a responsible and ethical manner. 


AHPRA apparently sees any deviation from their prescribed methods of medical communication as a threat to their, or their clients’, authority and power. 

Dr Kunadhasan has been under investigation by AHPRA for over 6 months, based on anonymous complaints because she has advocated for patient-based medicine and practices conscientious objection to COVID-19 vaccinations in a responsible manner - as compliant with her Code and rights. 

16 health care practitioners had taken their lives from 2018 to 2021 following AHPRA investigations. 

AHPRA apparently sees Medical Professionals like Dr Kunadhasan as a threat to the public’s perception of public health, and are determined to use their powers to censor reasoned discussion of best-evidence and medical ethics; with little care for the moral injuries endured. 

AHPRA appear to not have the wherewithal to recognise that threatening regulatory action for reasoned story-telling and research into corporate documents that form best-evidence is not a way to earn the public's trust. There is clearly a perception of censorship, as reported by Rebekah Barnett. 

Doctors warn: Culture of fear and silence in the Australian medical profession puts patients at risk

Investigations should be reserved only for situations where patients and public health are clearly put at risk. The National Immunisation Campaign should still be subjected to rigorous debate. It appears that if some anonymous complainants disagree, it should be suppressed at all costs, motives unknown. 

AHPRA's persecution of doctors is not only unjust, but it is also dangerous. By forcing doctors to use only government-approved methods of medicine, AHPRA is limiting the potential of medicine and health advocacy to continue to evolve into a discerning and balanced body focussed on what doctors do best, research and treat patients. 

Dr Kunadhasan's story is an example of the ongoing persecution of doctors by AHPRA. We must raise awareness of this issue and demand that the government stops limiting the potential of medicine and allow doctors to use their full uncensored knowledge in support of their patients. We cannot allow politics and bureaucracy to get in the way of patient health & patient outcomes.

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