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Doctors Against Mandates 290423 

Doctors Against Mandates


Hear why our Doctors are challenging the COVID-19 mandates.


Date: Saturday April 29th
Time: 6pm for a 6:30pm start till 8:30pm
Cost: FREE donations appreciated to cover costs
RSVP: required for seating capacity hotline@amps.asn.au
Q&A: Please submit questions to hotline@amps.asn.au


Thousands of Queenslanders remain unable to work in key industries due to ongoing Covid19 mRNA mandates.




Your donation to assist in covering the legal expenses is greatly appreciated. 

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Dr Andrew McIntyre Frame

Dr Andrew McIntyre


Dr McIntyre is a Consultant Gastroenterologist who has worked on the Sunshine Coast from 1990 up until December 2021 when he was mandated out of practice. He established and runs a busy day surgery, Buderim Gastroenterology Centre - a place he was unable to enter while vaccine mandates were being enforced by the government. He is still unable to enter public and private hospitals as a doctor to provide inpatient care.

Prof Peter Parry Frame

Associate Professor Peter Parry


Associate Professor Peter Parry is a child & adolescent psychiatrist whose career encompasses that of a medical officer in the Royal Australian Navy; GP and palliative care, prior to training in psychiatry from 1990. He was until recently a senior psychiatrist with Children’s Health Queensland, position terminated for not being able to conscientiously consent to a gene-based vaccine based on the information he was aware of (principle of informed consent) and currently works as a locum psychiatrist with interstate health services that recognise the protein-based vaccine Spikogen he received in a clinical trial. He has research and teaching interests in Developmental Psychology, lifestyle factors in mental health, the history and politics of Psychiatric Nosology, and Conflict of Interest issues between Psychiatry/Medicine and the Pharmaceutical Industry. His PhD thesis combined these topics and included research into thousands of pages of internal pharmaceutical industry documents, of which his most cited article was: From Evidence-Based Medicine to Marketing-Based Medicine: Evidence from Internal Industry Documents. He led a group of psychiatrists who successfully advocated for the RANZCP to sign the www.alltrials.net campaign in 2015. Unfortunately, the All Trials campaign goals have not been met and in Prof. Parry’s view, ‘Marketing-Based Medicine’ rather than ‘Evidence-Based Medicine’ has increasingly dominated in recent years.

Malcolm Roberts Frame

Malcolm Roberts

Senator for Queensland

Malcolm brings to the Senate a thorough, practical and analytical approach to examining issues and is deeply committed to listening and thoroughly researching the facts. During the Covid pandemic Senator Roberts has spoken out about the impact of the mandates and calls for essential freedom and liberties to be restored for all Australians. He rejects a two-tier society based on vaccination status and in 2022 hosted two cross-party inquiries "COVID under question" and "COVID Inquiry 2.0"


Help Doctors Challenge Queensland’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

A group of medical and allied health practitioners have become the first health professionals in Queensland to launch a legal challenge to the Queensland Health employment directive.

The practitioners have previously challenged the CHO mandate which was withdrawn 10 days after expert witness evidence was presented to the court, effectively ending the case. Subsequent to this the HED was not withdrawn necessitating a new judicial review. They are challenging the imposition and the failure to withdraw the HED in light of solid evidence that transmission is not prevented and the vaccines have not been proved safe and effective. And will ask a judge to reverse the direction requiring them to be fully vaccinated to work in QH hospitals.

At this event hear 3 of our esteemed Doctors speak about this challenge against the COVID-19 Vaccine Health Employment Directive and answer all your questions.  RSVP here.

This case is being funded by donation and contributions from applicants which were initially donated for the CHO mandate judicial review.

The National Law and Therapeutic Goods Act have precipitated disastrous and preventable outcomes for patient safety and public health during the recent time of Covid.

Legislation was and continues to be used to enforce government messaging rather than regulate safe, effective, and trustworthy professional practice, that allows for a range of treatments proven to be effective alternatives.

These reforms are vital for protecting the health and safety of all Australians, while securing rights for health practitioners to function without undue interference, being a package of reforms that will implement safeguards preventing government and agency overreach, witnessed during the time of Covid.

Please sign the  Parliamentary Health Reform Package



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