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Dear Health Practitioner and Science Colleagues,

Thank you for arriving here to add your support.

Below are three essential items:

Parliamentary Health Reform Declaration & Urgent Demands (a safe to sign Declaration for health practitioner and scientist signatures)

Proposed Amendments to the National Law

Proposed Amendments to the Therapeutics Goods Act

We have obtained the following legal opinion from Ms Ashby-Koppens and Mr Fam in relation to the Declaration:

Unlike publicly expressing opinions that deviate from the official Covid medical narrative, the Declaration is safe to sign because it is your right as a citizen and professional to request legislative change.

Please keep in mind that no Health Professional can be sanctioned or reprimanded for seeking reform of the laws that govern them, and the laws that control how drugs enter and are regulated in our community.

Yes, AHPRA could recklessly seek to bring a notification against a registered practitioner for the mere act of signing the Declaration below, which asks for nothing more than health law reform.

Should AHPRA seek to lay a notification against a Health Professional for seeking reform as further detailed below, AHPRA will be doing so without reference to any legitimate power under the National Law, where any such notification will not be upheld by a Tribunal or Court. Essentially, seeking reform of the National Law and Therapeutic Goods Act by signing a Declaration requesting law reform, cannot be asserted to amount to 'professional misconduct' under the National Law, where assessing professional conduct is always foremost by reference to the Code of Conduct in a health profession. No Codes of Conduct forbid nor indeed advise against seeking law reform. Seeking law reform is a democratic right. Seeking to prevent or impede persons from requesting law reform is repugnant in a democratic society.

Indeed, it is every Health Professional’s responsibility to undertake the task of proposing legislative reform, where existing laws have been found to have failed the community, both in terms of health outcomes and for protecting Health Professionals and their standards of care.”

Katie Ashby-Koppens LLB, Peter Fam LLB'


Every 24 hours the Declaration below will update and add the names of new signatories.

The Declaration with the Proposed Amendments will be delivered to all Senators and Members of Federal Parliament  hopefully before the next sitting. But we must reach a critical mass of signatures before we can do this. We hope to see several thousand signatures on the Declaration in the coming weeks, as news of the Declaration continues to spread.

It is hoped that a strong showing of signatures of Australian health professionals and scientists will lead our parliamentary representatives: 

1. to consider the vaccine mandates and the real scientific data more closely, and

2. to realise the importance of the proposed legislative amendments that will direct the TGA to more          responsibly and transparently review and present the science underpinning provisional approvals of      new products, and

3. realise the importance of the proposed legislative amendments that will preserve the practitioner-          patient/client relationship, for the open discussion of risk/benefit decisions in providing Australians        with the basis to give or decline true informed consent and thus respect bodily autonomy.

Even if just a few of the Senators and Members of the House of Representatives are persuaded by thousands of Australian health practitioners and scientists, these MPs will be able to raise the issues in parliament. The importance of the measures will gain appreciation, especially as the number of signatures grows.

With your support, we believe, these Proposed Amendments have a real chance of being enacted into laws that better protect the health and safety of all Australians; for enshrining and protecting the doctor-patient relationship; establishing new prohibitions against government health messaging which is misleading and lacking in supporting data; for ensuring our TGA provide better consumer information and protections and data and safety procedures for Provisionally Approved drugs; for protecting Health Professionals who inform their communities on issues of health and courses of treatment, which their expertise equips them to do, without fear of sanctions from AHPRA or their National Board; while empowering all Health Professionals with new procedures ensuring Health Professionals determine their own codes of conduct, standards, and public health messages, not what National Boards or AHPRA seek to dictate be said or done, as is currently occuring often with little or no consultation with Health Professionals.

Thank You

Australian Medical Professionals Society, Australian Medical Network, Medical Action Group, United Health Australia/Queensland Health Practitioners Alliance.


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