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Government censorship threatens health, safety, and scientific freedom

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Medical regulation now appears designed to control the thoughts and speech of Australia’s 850,000 Health Professionals.

Doctors are disciplined for offering opinions that do not align with approved government messaging on gender, culture, public health, and politics. Practitioners have lost careers and lives through suicide as a result of the actions of health authorities and national boards.

Daring to have an opinion on topics like the morality of abortion, gender transitioning of children, Covid vaccine safety and efficacy, and the Israel-Gaza conflict’s humanitarian effects risks regulatory disciplinary action. Voicing politically incorrect opinions may cost a practitioner a lifetime’s work, with regulators prioritising subjective issues over the Hippocratic Oath’s principle of ‘first, do no harm’.

The pervasive threat posed by government censorship and Woke ideology enforcement through regulatory threats has reached alarming levels, jeopardising scientific and intellectual freedom, time-honoured medical ethics, and public safety. The infiltration of political correctness, identity politics, and cultural relativism into medicine, at the expense of objective scientific evidence, is alarming, and it poses a serious threat to public safety.

Recent events highlight government regulatory authorities silencing public discussion and undermining the scientific method. An article in the medical magazine AusDoc titled De-sexing’ of medical language is harming patients, asserted that ‘de-sexing of medical language is perpetuating anti-women bias in research and putting transgender patients’ safety at greater risk’.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported doctors are being targeted by regulators for opinions on the Israel-Palestine conflict; doctors again have said the regulatory process is being weaponised. Most recently, the FDA’s final rule on January 22 allows exceptions to informed consent requirements in clinical investigations, potentially risking human subject safety.

Many doctors expressing concerns about Covid mRNA vaccine safety and efficacy faced severe punishment for causing vaccine hesitancy and undermining government public health messaging. Despite evidence vindicating their concerns, the Medical Board declined discussion, focusing solely on requiring practitioners to avoid contradicting the government.

Evidence-based medicine, informed consent, the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship, medical ethics, and the freedom of political communication have been sacrificed at the altar of Woke and the pharma-industrial complex. An element of religiosity has been introduced. In the name of increasing the belief in the benefit of public policy for the collective, the manufactured trust in government policy has been elevated to the level of sacred.

Valid genuinely scientific Covid mRNA vaccine safety and efficacy concerns, supported by evidence documented in the government’s own reports, were deemed serious professional misconduct.

As doctors spoke up in accordance with their ethical principles, they were threatened with disciplinary action or immediate suspension as the state deemed them a threat to public health and safety. It continues. There are legal actions globally, including in Texas, where Republican Attorney-General Ken Paxton is taking action against pharma giant Pfizer:

‘We are pursuing justice for the people of Texas, many of whom were coerced by tyrannical vaccine mandates to take a defective product sold by lies.’

Doctors who dissent from the government’s manufactured and then enforced consensus pay a high price. It doesn’t take many heads on spikes in the town square to mute the majority and coerce compliance. But as Brett Weinstein said in a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, these are the people we need and they will change history, echoing RFK Jr.’s sentiment that there are a lot worse things than dying, and living like a slave is one of those.

The Western world, once a bastion of free thought, now trends toward totalitarianism, suppressing dissent, and dismantling the scientific method in favour of activist political profit-driven guideline-based medicine.

Whoever has the power and money influences the research outcomes and the articles published. They fund the lobbyists who shape the guidelines and treatment protocols. It is easy to see who benefits the most from vaccine mandates, the increasing numbers of children on puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, the mental health crisis and the diabetes epidemic.

If we want to find ‘the science’, we follow the money.

The influence of the multinational drug companies extends to the producers of ‘the science’ very efficiently, and it blocks the independents’ criticism and fact-checking.

A 2022 paper titled Censorship and Suppression of Covid Heterodoxy: Tactics and Counter-Tactics analysed worldwide doctorand scientist experiences, revealing censorship, suppression, and career damage regardless of standing. Exclusion, derogatory labelling, hostile comments, threats, dismissals, inquiries, licence revocations, lawsuits, and paper retractions threaten healthcare integrity globally.
The coordinated targeting of dissenting voices and corruption of ethical evidence-based medicine poses a grave threat to healthcare systems, patient wellbeing and personal liberty. It necessitates vigilant defence of scientific inquiry, medical ethics and freedom of expression.

No matter the personal cost, both health professionals and the public at large who are interested in their own welfare must stand together to protect the people from vested interests, weak or corrupt leaders and malignant, incompetent, and Woke regulators.

To begin with, they need to work against the censorship currently being applied to ethical doctors by public servants and governments and for a return to the Hippocratic Oath.

Kara Thomas – Secretary of the Australian Medical Professionals’ Society


Originally published in The Spectator Australia on 24 May 2023