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Episode 8: Discussions from the FrontLine

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Welcome to another "Discussions from the Frontline" with Robyn Chuter.

Robyn Chuter is a Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner certified by the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine. Originally trained as a naturopath, Robyn went on to gain a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and a Bachelor of Health Science with Honours - a degree which involved studying the history of public health and developments in the field up to the present day.


From her research, Robyn has some interesting insights into Australia's Covid Pandemic Response and the influence of the Global health bureaucracy. Pertinent given the current WHO Pandemic Treaty deliberations.


In this video series, "Discussions from the Frontline", we are discussing AHPRA overreach and the consequent impacts on Health Professionals, the search for evidence-based best practices and overall public health outcomes.

AMPS and NPAA members have repeatedly raised concerns about government overreach and the negative consequences this is having on healthcare, our professions and the public. 

AMPS understands the cost of questioning government policy and politically correct orthodoxy. Questioning “the science” is tragically now often a career-ending decision, a silencing tactic that works by threatening your livelihood and ability to provide for your family.

We believe highly educated health professionals should be allowed to participate in debates on scientific evidence, treatment protocols and in the public square of ideas without government threats of disciplinary action.