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AMPS Case Win #1316 Threat of De-Registration Lifted

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A nurse member was notified that a complaint had been made against them with AHPRA, they were shocked to learn that they were facing de-registration even whilst an investigation was underway.

Under intense stress from the threat of losing their career and livelihood they reached out to AMPS for support. Their case manager intervened and communicated with AHPRA on behalf of the member, making a case for why deregistration was too severe a penalty, and that it would be unjust in the circumstances.

They argued that the member should be allowed to retain their registration while the investigation was ongoing, to ensure that the member's right to due process was protected.

Through the case manager's efforts, AHPRA agreed to allow the member to keep their registration while the investigation was conducted. Ultimately, AHPRA decided to drop the threat and the member was able to keep their livelihood and career intact.

If you are a member of AMPS and need assistance with an AHPRA enquiry please submit a member support ticket on your dashboard, or contact us on (07) 3497 5048 - hotline@amps.asn.au.

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