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Topher Field 


Libertarian Political Commentator, Human Rights activist Director of award-winning documentary “Battleground Melbourne”, Host of the Slow Chat podcast and The Aussie Wire, Author of the upcoming book “Good People Break Bad Laws”

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Dr/Nurse John Campbell 


Watch Dr John's session

John Campbell is a semi retired nurse, nurse lecturer, biologist, researcher and author. In addition to clinical work, he has taught long term in the university sector, often with a focus on how physiology and pathophysiology are applied to clinical care. John has always been interested in innovative modalities of education and communication and was a pioneer of multimedia education, starting with VHS tapes in the early nineties. This developed to teaching via DVD recordings, podcasts, narrated PowerPoints, online video, online interactive lectures, journal publications, books and eBooks. This ‘all channels open approach’ has been extended to international education with empirical evidence of efficacy collected and published from cross cultural comparisons between Kenya, Cambodia and the UK. John is now developing the concept of evidence-based communication by interacting and recording with leading scientists and doctors from around the world.

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Dr Christopher Neil 


Dr Christopher Neil has practised medicine for 20 years, specialising in cardiology since 2008. Completing his PhD in Adelaide and undertaking post-doctoral research and a fellowship in the UK, he has been committed to clinical excellence in the care of patients with heart failure.

Returning to a specialist consultant post in his hometown of Melbourne, in 2013, he focused on developing improved systems of care for heart failure patients, whilst continuing to research in hospitals, mentor physicians in training and supervise PhD students. His passion, however, has always been for his patients and when he saw their health impacted and their rights infringed, he stood against what he saw as unethical and unjustifiable mandates, resulting in his termination in October 2021. Dr Neil returned to practise this year.

He was a co-founder of AMPS in 2021 and continues as the current President.

Dr. Chris Neil



Professor Colleen Aldous


Watch Professor Colleen's session

Professor Colleen Aldous is a healthcare researcher and advocate for evidence-based medicine, with a significant career dedicated to advancing clinical research across multiple disciplines. As a Professor at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN), her work focuses on healthcare science, aiming to bridge the gap between scientific research and clinical practice. Aldous commitment to high ethical standards and rigorous methodologies has established her as a leader in her field​​​​.

Aldous has been instrumental in challenging conventional approaches within evidence-based medicine (EBM), advocating for a more nuanced and comprehensive consideration of all available evidence when making treatment recommendations. Her academic journey, marked by a foundation in genetics, has evolved to encompass a broad range of clinical disciplines, underlining her interdisciplinary approach to research. With over 200 publications, including articles in indexed journals, book chapters, and a textbook for postgraduate students, Aldous contributions to medical research are substantial. Her recognition includes the UKZN Top 30 award and election as a Member of the Academy of Sciences of South Africa in 2021​​. 

Beyond her professional achievements, Aldous is known for her humanitarian values, which she integrates into her scientific work and teaching. Her portfolio of work is a testament to her distinguished career and dedication to mentorship, particularly in supervising PhD candidates and supporting the development of young researchers. Aldous emphasises the importance of evidence-based medicine not just as a scientific methodology but as a means to enhance public understanding and communication, especially during critical times such as the COVID-19 pandemic​​.

Aldous educational background includes a doctoral degree in Science Education from the University of Twente in The Netherlands, reflecting her lifelong commitment to education and

research. Her efforts to mentor the next generation of scientists and her critical examination of evidence-based medicine practices highlight her role as a thought leader in healthcare research​​.


Read the published article "Wheel Replacing Pyramid: Better Paradigm Representing Totality of Evidence-Based Medicine" here

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Professor Jim Allan  

Garrick Professor of Law, University of Queensland

Watch Professor Jim's session

James Allan holds the oldest named chair at the University of Queensland where he is the Garrick Professor of Law. He is a native born Canadian who practised law at a large firm in Toronto and then at the Bar in London before moving to teach law in Hong Kong, New Zealand and then Australia. He has had sabbaticals at the Cornell Law School and the University of San Diego School of Law in the US, at Osgoode Hall Law School and the Dalhousie Law School in Canada (where he was the Bertha Wilson Visiting Professor of Human Rights), and at King’s College Law School in London, England.

Allan has published widely in the areas of constitutional law, legal philosophy and bill of rights scepticism. His books include The Age of Foolishness: A Doubter’s Guide to Constitutionalism in a Modern Democracy (Academica Press, 2022), A Principled Constitution? Four Sceptical Perspectives (Lexington Books, 2022, co-written with Larry Alexander, Steven Smith and Maimon Schwarzschild), Democracy in Decline (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2014) and (as co-editor and one contributor) Keeping Australia Right (Connor Court, 2020). Allan also writes regularly for weeklies and monthlies including being a regular contributor to The Spectator Australia and Quadrant and a sometime contributor to The Australian, Law &amp; Liberty and The Conservative Woman. As a majoritarian democrat he was absolutely delighted by the Brexit vote. And as a conservative law professor he has spent almost all of his working life in orthodox left institutions.

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Professor Gigi Foster 

PhD, Economics, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 2003.  B.A., Ethics, Politics and Economics (magna cum laude), Yale University,  1996 

Watch Professor GiGi's session

Gigi Foster is a Professor with the School of Economics at the University of New South Wales. Born, raised and educated in the USA, she emigrated to Australia in 2003 and now works in diverse fields including education, social influence, corruption, lab experiments, time use, behavioural economics, and Australian policy.  Her research contributions regularly inform public debates and appear in both specialised and cross-disciplinary outlets (e.g., Quantitative Economics, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Journal of Population Economics, Journal of Economic Psychology, Human Relations).  Her teaching, featuring strategic innovation and integration with research, was awarded a 2017 Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning.  Named 2019 Young Economist of the Year by the Economic Society of Australia, Professor Foster has filled numerous roles of service to the profession and engages heavily on economic matters with the Australian community.  As one of Australia’s leading economics communicators, her regular media appearances include co-hosting The Economists, a national economics talk-radio program and podcast series premiered in 2018, with Peter Martin AM on ABC Radio National. 

Gigi Foster



Emeritus Professor Robert Clancy


Watch Emeritus Professor Robert's session

Foundation Professor Pathology, Medical School, Newcastle; 

Clinical Immunologist: Began Clinical Immunology in Australia as a discipline (with two others); Chief College examiner in Clinical Immunology; established Clinical Immunology Departments in McMaster University (Canada), RPAH Sydney, and John Hunter Hospital Newcastle. Continues in practise.

Research: Mucosal Immunology- established Newcastle Mucosal Immunology Group. Awarded only DSc by University of Newcastle (over 300 publications). Developed idea of mucosal resilience and immunobiotics.

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Professor Nikolai Petrovsky 


Watch Professor Nikolai's session

Professor Nikolai Petrovsky is a physician and vaccine researcher. For the last 20 years he was Director of Endocrinology at Flinders Medical Centre, Professor of Medicine at Flinders University and is currently Professor of Immunology and Infectious Disease at the Australian Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Institute (ARASMI), He is the founder of Vaxine Pty Ltd, an Australian biotechnology company applying novel approaches including artificial intelligence to vaccine and adjuvant development. His vaccine research has been awarded multi-million dollar grants from the US National Institutes of Health. He has authored over 250 peer-reviewed research papers and is an inventor on multiple vaccine patents. A key achievement was development of SpikoGen®, a recombinant protein-based vaccine against COVID-19, that received marketing authorization in the Middle East in October 2021, making it the first vaccine of its type against COVID-19 in the world to achieve regulatory approval, with 8 million doses delivered to date.

Nik Petrov Frame



A/Prof Peter Parry


Watch Associate Professor Peter's session

Associate Professor Peter Parry is a child & adolescent psychiatrist whose career encompasses that of a medical officer in the Royal Australian Navy; GP and palliative care, prior to training in psychiatry from 1990.

He was until recently a senior psychiatrist with Children’s Health Queensland, position terminated for not being able to conscientiously consent to a gene-based vaccine based on the information he was aware of (principle of informed consent) and currently works as a locum psychiatrist with interstate health services that recognise the protein-based vaccine Spikogen he received in a clinical trial.

He has research and teaching interests in Developmental Psychology, lifestyle factors in mental health, the history and politics of Psychiatric Nosology, and Conflict of Interest issues between Psychiatry/Medicine and the Pharmaceutical Industry. His PhD thesis combined these topics and included research into thousands of pages of internal pharmaceutical industry documents, of which his most cited article was: From Evidence-Based Medicine to Marketing-Based Medicine: Evidence from Internal Industry Documents.

He led a group of psychiatrists who successfully advocated for the RANZCP to sign the www.alltrials.net campaign in 2015. Unfortunately, the All Trials campaign goals have not been met and in Prof. Parry’s view, ‘Marketing-Based Medicine’ rather than ‘Evidence-Based Medicine’ has increasingly dominated in recent years.

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Dr Melissa McCann

MBBS, FRACGP, Grad Cert Allergic Disease

Watch Dr Melissa's session

Dr Melissa McCann is a general practitioner based in the Whitsundays with a special interest in Covid 19 vaccine injuries, and her advocacy work for vaccine injured and bereaved persons has culminated in a class action recently filed in the Federal Court.

Dr McCann started as a Pharmacist working on Kangaroo Island in South Australia, before commencing postgraduate medical education in Western Australia. Since completing her medical training, Dr McCann has worked in Albany and Nicol Bay Hospitals in WA, as well as the remote clinic of Onslow in WA via light aeroplane access. She then relocated to the Sunshine Coast in QLD with her husband and three children.  Dr McCann completed her General Practice fellowship training in Gympie QLD, and finally relocated to the Whitsundays. Dr McCann has built a reputation as a caring and competent general practitioner in each Practice she has worked.  Dr McCann was the first GP to provide services at Whitsunday Family Practice in 2015.

Dr Melissa McCann



Dr Phillip Altman 

BPharm (Hons), MSc, PhD

Watch Dr Phillip's session

Dr Altman is a well-known Australian authority on clinical trials and regulatory affairs with more than 40 years of experience in designing, managing and reporting of clinical trials and in working with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration in gaining new drug approvals. He has worked in senior managerial positions for several multinational companies including Merrell-Dow, Hoechst, Roussel and GD Searle. He established Australia’s first contract research organisations (CROs), where he served as a Senior Industry Consultant for more than half of the pharmaceutical companies present in Australia. His career has seen him involved in more than one hundred clinical trials (Phase I through IV). He has been personally responsible for the market approval of numerous new drugs since joining the pharmaceutical industry in 1974.

Dr. Altman has a comprehensive working knowledge of the international pharmaceutical standards and guidelines involved in all aspects of drug development including drug chemistry, drug manufacture, quality control, animal and clinical safety and efficacy testing. This expertise allows Dr. Altman to critically evaluate any and all data prepared for use in the international registration of new drugs. A graduate of Sydney University with an Honours degree in Pharmacy, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees (focusing on drug development, pharmacology and pharmaceutical chemistry), he co-founded and is a Life Member of the largest professional body of pharmaceutical industry scientists involved in clinical research and regulatory affairs (Association of Regulatory and Clinical Scientists to the Australian Pharmaceutical Industry Ltd. - ARCS). ARCS presently has more than 2000 members. More recently Dr. Altman was a Director and the chief clinical trial and regulatory advisor for a public company involved in the development of a live virus for the treatment of late stage melanoma. Dr. Altman provides and has provided expert reports in relation to the New Zealand High Court and Australian Federal and Supreme Courts in relation to the Covid gene-based injections.

A comprehensive review of the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines entitled “A Time of COVID” dated 9 August 2023 has been widely distributed both nationally and internationally. Dr. Altman is a frequent public speaker and contributor to various internet media channels and publications in relation to COVID, the COVID gene-based injections and COVID treatment. Many Australian parliamentarians rely upon the information and advice of Dr. Altman. He has contributed to presentations at Parliament House Canberra, cross party enquiries and has contributed to the published book “Too Many Dead” regarding Excess Deaths. His online Substacks are read worldwide (phillipaltman.substack.com).

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Dr Jeyanthi Kunadhasan 


Watch Dr Jeyanthi's session

Dr Jeyanthi Kunadhasan was a Consultant Anaesthetist at a major regional Victorian public hospital and was in practice for more than 12 years. She has a clinical interest in Patient Blood Management where she spearheaded many initiatives that sustainably brought down the unnecessary transfusion rates in major surgeries, leading to improved patient outcomes and lower cost to the health system.

Dr. Jeyanthi Kunadhasan



Professor Philip Morris 


Prof Philip Morris AM has medical qualifications MBBS, BSc(med), and PhD.  He is qualified in psychiatry and addiction medicine in Australia and is a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (FRANZCP).  He is a Fellow of the Australasian Chapter of Addiction Medicine (FAChAM) of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP).  He is qualified in general adult psychiatry and geriatric psychiatry and addiction medicine in Australia, and in the USA is Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) in general psychiatry and geriatric psychiatry.  Prof Morris is visiting professor of psychiatry at Bond University.  He is President of the Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association, President of the National Association of Practising Psychiatrists, and President of the Gold Coast Medical Association  He is a Distinguished Fellow, Treasurer and Board Director of the Pacific Rim College of Psychiatrists.




Professor Wendy Hoy


Professor Hoy is an internationally recognised researcher of chronic disease in high-risk populations and promoter of health services reform. She is based at the University of Queensland, in Brisbane, Australia.

Dr Hoy is a kidney specialist and directs the Centre for Chronic Disease (CKD) at the University of Queensland. She has long history of research in the health and chronic disease profiles of disadvantaged populations, including Native Americans, African Americans, Sri Lankans and people in El Salvador and, in Australia, Australian Aborigines. She is an expert Advisor to PAHO, the WHO and the Sri Lankan Government on CKD of unknown etiology-CKDu. Her research focus has been on manifestations, course and risk factors for cardiovascular disease, hypertension, CKD and type 2 diabetes. Initiatives have embraced clinical profiling, community screening, treatment programs, a pharmacologic prevention trial, family studies, and genomic profiling. She has been a major contributor to protocols for chronic disease surveillance and management which are widely applied in indigenous health services in Australia, and which inform program development globally. For these she was awarded the AO in 2010. She described the links between common chronic diseases as well as the “multideterminant” disease model, which implies potential benefit from a variety of interventions which target a diverse set of risk factors. She was the first to describe the association of low birthweight with kidney disease. She has long advocated for research on the genetic architecture of chronic disease in Indigenous Australians, and, along with Nagaraj and others, is defining the genomics of CKD in Tiwi Aboriginal people (MRFF 76757). Dr Hoy is Director of CKD.QLD, the first state-based registry of CKD in Australia; and was Director of the NHMRC CKD-CRE. This group has defined the burden, associations, progression, consequences and health care costs of CKD in renal specialty practices in Queensland, and implications of these findings for improved outcomes. She advocates for a more transparent approach to Covid policy and health care, and belongs to several coalitions working towards those ends in Australia and globally.

Prof Wendy Hoy



Emeritus Professor Ramesh Thakur

Ph.D, LlD, (hc)

Ramesh Thakur, Ph.D., Ll.D. (hc) is emeritus professor in the Crawford School of Public Policy, The Australian National University, a former United Nations Assistant Secretary-General, a Brownstone Institute Senior Scholar, a founder-member of Australians for Science and Freedom, and a director of Children’s Health Defense Australia. Born in India and educated in India and Canada, he has held fulltime academic appointments in Fiji, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia and been a consultant to the Australian, New Zealand and Norwegian governments on international security issues. He has served on the international advisory boards of policy-oriented research institutes in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. The most recent of his more than 50 authored and edited books is Our Enemy, the Government: How Covid Enabled the Expansion and Abuse of State Power (Brownstone Institute, 2023). He has also been a regular media contributor and op-ed writer for several decades.

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Julian Gillespie

LLB, BJuris

Julian Gillespie, LLB BJuris, is a lawyer and former barrister, who wrote the legal opinions and prepared the briefs for proceedings (together with Peter Fam and Katie Ashby-Koppens) before the Federal Court and High Court of Australia, seeking those Courts rule the decisions to extend the ‘vaccines’ to babies 6 months to under 6 years, and to children 6-11 year olds as always being invalid at law, as the Secretary of Health lacked the legal power to make those decisions. This is a new and controversial area of Australian law that Australian courts are still learning how to deal with appropriately. 

Julian researches extensively on all matters connected to Australia’s response to SARS-CoV-2, sharing publicly his findings concerning the legislative framework for how the Commonwealth and States and Territory governments centrally organised the response to SARS-CoV-2 from Canberra, drawing attention to the fact Australian governments collectively jettisoned years of scientific research amassed for correctly responding to a pandemic, to instead follow unscientific WHO recommendations which favoured big pharmaceutical interests.

His other ongoing research also includes the failings of AHPRA and National Boards and Health Professionals coerced and gagged by AHPRA.

Recently Julian created and prepared the brief with Katie Ashby-Koppens for current proceedings before the Federal Court of Australia, seeking to assist the court understand the Covid-19 drugs of Pfizer and Moderna always satisfied Australian legal definitions for being properly called GMOs, or genetically modified organisations, as Australia's own Gene Technology Regulator subsequently admitted before a Senate Select hearing in October 2023. More information can be found HERE and HERE. Julian's efforts on this front have included showing similar GMO laws exist in the UK, the EU, and the USA, but were flouted or ignored for the Covid-19 injectables, leaving billions of recipients unaware.

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