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We have had one of our supporters send us a letter looking for help and sharing her experience 
with orthopaedic surgery and faulty hip replacement equipment and how "Big Pharma" gags doctors.
I know the orthopaedic surgeons are aware and some quite scared of the big pharma companies that made the MOM poisonous hip replacements. They are also worried about litigation, and who can blame them.
I would like to know why literally no lawyer in Australia will take on any cases of metallic poisoning over the Birmingham Hip replacements with Smith & Nephew. None of them will answer me, or another victim who has tried. Yet the victims are really suffering, and have no help.
The TGA approved of these hip replacements just because the FDA approved of them in the US.
The two have cosy agreements.
My surgeon is also nervous, yet he’s a fantastic surgeon. So I’m not getting the complete medical information that I need.
I would like to know how to get some information, such as blood test and other results while I was in hospital. How can I tackle this?
I was also advised not to look into this, as I would find out something “very dark.”
I feel that I’m entitled to know what has happened to me.
Despite an investigation by 4 Corners, and a newspaper article a few years back, all the media now refuse to expose to the public what has happened. I’m told by another surgeon that there are still people walking around with those poisonous hip replacements. It’s very unfair not to warn people.
I’ve attached a story on my personal experience from the Carisbrook Mercury newspaper, so at least I could warn local people in this little country town. You can pass this onto Dr Mark Huworth.
You can see by this story that I will not name my surgeon or others, or even name the hospital, as that is not what this is about.
An orthopaedic surgeon from Alaska, Stephen Towers is one of those doing a very heroic job of exposing this corruption to the public, and he was also behind the documentary called the Bleeding Edge.
MY complaint to the TGA was eventually answered. The TGA is blaming the surgeons, and that’s not true. How could it be the fault of so many surgeons, but not the fault of the company involved or the TGA?
I have the TGA’s email reply blaming the surgeon if Dr Mark Huworth is interested.
The TGA are washing their hands of it, just like they have done with the ‘approved’ vaccines.
I’ve had many operations during my life as I was born with dislocated hips, so I know the value of a good surgeon. The TGA are irresponsible and corrupt.
If Dr Mark Huworth feels uncomfortable contacting me via email, then perhaps I could ring him. I cannot visit him, as I’m still disabled and live in Victoria. I can be very discreet.
The corruption with big pharma companies must be tackled, or the public will lose faith.