COVID-19 Jab Mandate Workplace Health and Safety Process


Recommended Step for Queensland Health Employees

It is clear based on the responses our members have received that Queensland Health has not risk assessed adequately. 
We strongly recommend that all Queensland Health staff with concerns about the mandatory vaccination deadline, follow these steps:
Please complete the steps below to apply for an exemption:
1. Download this letter and fill in your details.
2. Download this exemption form and fill in your details (make sure you fill out the other exceptional circumstances section on page 5 and refer to the attached letter).
3. Send both documents to your line manager (and to anyone else that you have previously) and any central email you have been directed to. 
Please CC in the following emails also when emailing your documents: 
Important note: Different health services are saying that you need to send it to different addresses, however, the exemption documents specify that it must be sent to your line manager. Please send this document to your line manager along with any central addresses that you have been asked to send it to. It is critical that you send both the exemption and the letter. In the event you email your line manager and your health services replies with a central address, please send your documents there, even though it's clear the request should go to your line manager. 
4. After this is done, you should be permitted to turn up for your shifts as long as you wear the relevant PPE (ie a surgical mask or other PPE as directed by your workplace).

Leave Instructions - Forced Leave

Some members have reported that they have been asked to apply for leave after applying for an exemption. You should not need to use up your leave. If this is the case, please fill out this letter and reply to your line manager (CC in anyone else you have been asked to include).
Please CC in the following emails also when emailing your documents: 

Please follow the steps below.

When following these steps, please ensure you send all correspondence from your personal email or at least CC in your email so that you always have a record.


Have you been directed to attend a meeting by your employer?

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